WARNING: if you are easily disturbed, grossed out, and uncomfortable with how I write these things, then don't view it. Please, for your own sake.

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Well, high school is still a pain in the ass. I really need to work on just relaxing and being a bit more optimistic about taking a quiz or a test. If I don't work on that, then I'll continue living in a world of nervousness and fear of failing. But on the bright side, I've been feeling waaay better than I normally do. This week has been going really well for me. I'm in such a good mood, I'm even starting to sit more often with my friends during lunch. I really don't want to lose this feeling, so I'm trying my best to hold on to it and be optimistic about the year ahead of me. And hey, Halloween is just around the corner!!!


Did I ever mention just how amazing Nightmare On Elm Street 3 is? Honestly, it is probably my favorite one so far in the NOES franchise. Now don't get me wrong here, the first movie and the others are really good, but I just love the third one the most. It's a really creative movie. When they made the film, they really, and I mean REALLY went all out on special effects and shit like that. The use and effort of the special effects in Nightmare On Elm Street 3 really shows the audience just how creepy, creative, cruel, and overall bizarre Freddy Krueger is. You've gotta give Nightmare On Elm Street 3 a watch, it'll be worth your while.


I feel like I'm not exactly a christian. Every week, I just feel like I'm straying further and further away from that image of being a christian. I just think: I've been dipped in a bathtub in front of everyone in the entire church, soaked in freezing cold water, and I think "what now?" It just seems so dumb to me. Religion as a whole just seems worthless to me. I don't see how we can believe in something so distant from all of us, like Jesus for example. Y'know what I'm saying? Another point, some scumbag could've just made up the entire thing and wrote a big ass book about it, and somehow everyone fell for it. Think about it, that literally could've happened. You may be thinking "why does he feel so bad for not feeling like a christian?", well it's because I'm afraid of upsetting my parents, my entire family and relatives and whatnot. For all of these generations, my family tree consisted of people who were devoted christians and believed in god. It just seems really rude in some cases, what I mean is that all this time, the family tree had christians, and here I am, about to break that tradition, like an asshole. I dunno, I'm gonna go sleep now. Tired as shit right now. Later.


What the FUCK is wrong with this new generation??? I swear with each new generation, people just get dumber and dumber. Literally all I hear at school is "Ayo, chill, drip, drain gang, slay" or anything else they say. And I absolutely HATE that with every single insignificant update a social media platform hurls up, it just succeeds to make itself look more and more like tik tok smack or something. Now don't get me wrong here, I don't hate everything about this new generation, but I just severley miss the early 2000's or the early days of technology, or just how creative and unique everything used to be, y'know? I long for it, I crave it, I NEED it. I think I'm gonna go crazy someday if I don't accept the fact that I can't travel back in time. But I calm down after a while, especially when I know that Neocities exists. Major thanks to the people who created Neocities. But anyways, fuck this generation overall, 2018 is when the great feeling started to die off for me.


My spanish teacher is a fucking dunce cock-sucking dickhole. How mentally insane and retarded do you have to be to go right ahead and hurl up a fucking pop quiz??? Hell, who even FATHOMED the idea that a pop quiz was even a good idea in the first place?!?! I know how bad I did on that quiz. I probably got a big fat fucking zer0 after the teacher took a glance at it. Fuck her.


Did I ever mention just how horrifying a walk to school can be early in the morning? So yesterday I had to wake up really fucking early in the morning to go to school for something called tutorials or some shit. It was like 6:00AM or something like that by the time I started walking to school. It was deadass dark, quiet, and devoid of life, the only light source being the few lit street lamps beside the sidewalks and the slight, echoing noise of cars driving by. Then I get to one part where I see something moving around. My dumbass thinks 'huh, that's a bigass squirrel up ahead'. So I continue to walk in it's direction as it is quite close to the sidewalk that I'm walking on. But then, as I get a better view of the supposedly "bigass squirrel", it is not a squirrel. Oh ho ho it's not a squirrel, it's actually a bigass skunk roaming around. Petrified, I immediately go around the sidewalk and walk on the grass. Take note, it had rained just last night, and everything was as wet as sex. So here I am, soaking my shoes shitless with mud and rain. But I did not care, cuz I wasn't about to get sprayed on by a fucking skunk. So I intend to be a bit more wary of walking outside during that time. Why does a skunk's butt-juice have to stink more than a pile of tea-bagged corpses???


Just now finished going through a heaping hellscape of algebra homework. I had some help with my mom. I feel like a walking corpse and I'm dead tired but I know that if I don't write when I feel the need to I will completely forget about it. So you see, the thing is, when I'm studying some schoolwork with my mom, I can't help but notice a big, repeating detail about it all. When I don't understand something for the...like...3rd time or something, she seems to get a bit annoyed by it. At least in my eyes thats how I see it. Her tone of voice raises a bit, facial expressions change by a tad, a bit more movement going on, etc. I know she loves me tons, and I lover her too, but I just can't shake the nagging feeling like I'm the source of her agitation. Like it's my fault that I'm not understanding the concept of what I'm studying, and now it's like I'm wasting her time. In short, I just feel like an asshole afterwards. Well, technically, if I think about it, it is my fault for not understanding something when I'm studying...but meh. Whatever. Good fucking lord I'm tired. Nighty night.


School is just one big fucking snotty ass-wipe, and it just seems to carefully organize itself to become the nastiest vomit-fuel that we all, including me, have to deal with. Algebra looks like a goddamn satanic ritual, english is as boring as watching paint dry, one of my other teachers is a fat retarted pig who has the ugliest voice that nails into my aching head and bombards all of her classes with ridiculous amounts of work that, might I mention, needs to be turned in at the end of class for it then to be GRADED AND SHOVED INTO MY GODDAMNED GRADEBOOK. So like I said, it's just one big ass-wipe to deal with. And it won't. fucking. stop. Jesus chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist it fills my head with the hellbound fire of the underworld so fucking much that sometimes I just want to slam my head against a brick wall until I'm just one big tomato soup pulp.